Asm: নাজিৰা nājirā

‘Harbour’  Town,  Assam

From Asm: nāo, ‘boat’;  and jira, ‘resting (place)’.

One could imagine this as an inlet used as  a stopover on the River Dikhow.

Other sources suggest: ‘Steep Field’. [from Aho: , field;  ji, ‘slant’;  and , ‘much’, ‘wide’].

Nazira is an oil and gas area: ONGC is headquartered here, operates major oil rigs, and is a major employer and polluter in the region.

From British times onwards Nazira has also had tea plantations and, at one time, the Assam Tea Company was based here.

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Dikhow River (Nazira)              Mayurkumargogoi