Tam: நாகர்கோவில் nākarkōvil

‘Naga Temple’      City,  Tamil Nadu

From Skt/Tam: naga/nākam, ‘snake’, ‘cobra’; and Tam: kōvil/kō(y)il.

Nagaraja Temple (dedicated to Nagaraja, ‘king of the serpents’) is in the centre of town, replete with snake sculptures including the ashta (‘eight’) nagas: Shesha, Vasuki, Takshaka, Karkotaka, Shankhapala, Gulika, Padma and Mahapadma.

The snake connexion may be related to the Nagas (see Nagapattinam).

Nagercoil has been a spice centre since the 14thC with trading networks across the Arabian Sea: Nagercoil cloves are famous for their quality and aroma, the region has nearly 900 hectares under cultivation , producing 800+ tonnes annually.

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Nagaraja temple (Nagercoil)   

Nagaraja temple (Nagercoil)             A.S. Thanumaleayan