Tam: நாகப்பட்டினம் nākappaṭṭiṉam

‘Naga City’   Town/District,  Tamil Nadu

From Nagas and Tam: paṭṭiṉam, ‘coastal city’, ‘sea-shore town’.

The Nagas [from Skt/Tam: naga/nākam, ‘snake’, ‘cobra’] were an aboriginal, serpent-worshipping tribe associated with Sri Lanka and southern India (naga appears in the name of numerous towns and communities in the region). They integrated with Tamil language and culture from the 3rdC onwards and many later rulers of south India, including the Cholas, claimed descent from them.The Buddha, it is said, on his second visit to Sri Lanka tried to placate two warring Naga Kings in Nagadipa. 

Nagapattinam is a traditional fishing port.

Nearby Velankanni is a Christian pilgrimage site attracting visitors of all faiths. It has four churches including the 17thC Roman Catholic  ‘Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health’.

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Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health (Velankanni)         Sajanjs