‘Buffalo City’  [Mahishuru] City/District, Karnataka 

Mahishuru. From Skt: mahiṣa, ‘buffalo’ or ‘name of a demon killed by Durga’;  and Kan: ūr/ūru, ‘town’, ‘village’

Mahisha Asura was a shape-shifting asura or demon in Hindu mythology who can appear as either a buffalo or as a man. He was at the centre of conflicts  between the devas and asuras and was finally slayed by Durga. In local stories Mahishasura terrorised the city which was saved by Durga’s intervention: an event that is annually celebrated at Navratri and Mysore Dasara.

The city was the capital of the Mysuru Kingdom ruled by the Wadiyar (Wodeyar, Odeyar) dynasty from 1399 until 1906.Mysore Palace was their official residence and and the seat of the Kingdom of Mysore.

In the late 18thC Mysore was briefly (and famously) the seat of power for Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan (their capital was at Srirangapatna) and the location of four Anglo-Mysore Wars against the British.

Mysore has many connotations of luxury associated with its name: palaces, gardens, silk, jasmine, sandalwood, classical painting.

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Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace          Muhammad Mahdi Karim