Hin: माउंट आबू mā’uṇṭ ābū

‘Serpent Forest Mountain’  [Arbudaranya. Arbuda-anchal] Hill Station, town, Rajasthan

From Skt: arbuda,  ‘snake’, ‘(name of a) serpent-demon’; and Skt: araṇya, ‘forest’; or Hin: anchal, ‘region’.

In ancient times Mt Abu was called Arbudaanchal or Arbudaranya. There is a myth of  Arbuda the serpent-demon who saved the life of Nandi the bull (Shiva’s attendant and vehicle).

Mt Abu is a hill station sitting on a plateau at an altitude of 1,200m. It is famous for its rock-carved Hindu temple and a group of exquisite Jain temple carved out of white marble.

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Mount Abu      Andreas Kleemann