Sin: මිනුවන්ගොඩ minuvangoḍa – Tam: மினுவந்கொட miṉuvankoṭa

‘Crown Jewel Village’  WP,  Sri Lanka

From Sin: mini, ‘crown, gem’; barana, ‘ornament, jewel’ or ruwan, ‘gems, gold’; and goda, ‘village, hamlet’.

The Minuwangoda Urban Council website points out that the original name for this town was Minibharangoda, which metamorphosed into Miniruwangoda and then Minuwangoda – all names names suitably adorned with gems and jewellery.

The Council also has a story to tell of the 2ndC King of Udugampola who was ordered by the royal court to sacrifice seven princesses to save the town from a dam collapse.

The seven princesses, still dressed in their finest gold jewellery, were drowned and their jewellery was later found in the place which is known today as Minuwangoda.

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Last Errand in Minuwangoda

Last Errand in Minuwangoda          Dennis Sylvester Hurd