Tel: మెదక medaka

‘City of Boiled Rice’  [Methukuseema, Gulshanabad, Methukudurgam

From Tel: meduku/metuku, ‘(boiled) rice’, ‘rice grain’; and sīma, ‘country’, ‘district’.

Medak is a corruption of  Methukuseema. Methuku means a grain of cooked rice. The region is famous for its fine, long-grain rice.

Under the Qutub Shahisi it was called Gulshanabad [Urd: gul’shan, ‘flower garden’; and ābād, ‘city’, ‘village’].

Medak’s hill-fort,  Methukudurgam, dates back to the 12-14thC and was built during the Kakatiya dynasty.

Medak has a factory employing 3,000 people to manufacture armoured vehicles for the Indian infantry.

Medak Cathedral dates back to 1924. It is one of India’s largest churches and can accomodate 5,000 people.

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Medak Cathedral in Medak, Telangana. The origin ogf the Indian place name Medak is explained here.

Medak Cathedral                    Kithnkin