Mal: മാവേലിക്കര māvēlikkara

‘Mahabali Bank’  Town,  Kerala

From Mahābali/Māveli and  Mal: kara, ‘bank’, shore’, ‘riverside’

This mythological derivation relates the story of Maveli or Mahabali, the mythical king of Kerala and devotee of Vishnu.

King Mahabali, despite his many merits and virtues, had become too powerful as a result of a boon of immortality. Vishnu appeared as Vamana (the dwarf, his fifth incarnation) in order to confront him.

The town marks the place where king Mahabali prostrated himself before Vamana, offering his head as a step for him to walk on. The Onam festival in August-September celebrates the annual return of this legendary king.

Mavelikara is positioned on the banks of the  banks of the Achankovil river.

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Mavelikara railway station sign

Mavelikara railway station sign   –    Karthik Iyer