Mar: मराठेवाडा marāṭhēvāḍā

‘Abode of the Marathas’ – Region/Division,  Maharashtra

From Maratha and Mar: vāḍā, ‘settlement’, ‘colony’.

This region of Maharashtra was formerly a Marathi-speaking region of the former princely state of Hyderabad. The term dates back to the 18thC and differentiated Marathawada from the Telugu-speaking parts of the former Hyderabad State.The region corresponds with the Aurangabad Division of  modern Maharashtra.

Princely states, following Independence, were given the option to join either India or Pakistan. Most became part of India. Hyderabad was one of the exceptions. Its ruling Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan Bahadoor, preferred to stay independent. The Republic of India launched “Operation Polo” to force Hyderabad State to toe the line and prevent fragmenting the region. Following an invasion on  13 September 1948, the Nizam surrendered a few days later and Hyderabad was incorporated into the Indian Union. Marathwada joined the old Bombay Presidency in the new Maharashtra state in 1956, following the reorganisation of states along linguistic lines.

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Maharashtra Divisions including Marathawada (Aurangabad)       Kaajawa