Mal: മാനന്തവാടി mānanthavādi

‘Great Bliss Village’      Town, Kerala

From Skt: maha, ‘great’, ‘abundant’; ānanda, ‘joy’, ‘bliss’; and  Dra: paṭṭī/vāṭī, ‘settlement’, ‘town/village’; or Mal:  mān‍, ‘deer’; eyyuka, ytu, ‘shoot an arrow’; and Dra: paṭṭī/vāṭī, ‘settlement’, ‘town/village’.

In one derivation the town is named after an ancient  Jain temple on its outskirts (a.k.a. Mananthavady Shri Adinath Swamy Digambar Jain Temple).

In the other (slightly contrived) derivation the town marks the place where hunting commenced or took place, or where a specific arrow was shot.

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