Asm: মাজুলী mājulī

‘Middle of the Water’   Island/District, Assam

From Skt/Asm/Ben: madhya/mājha, ‘middle’; and  jala, ‘water’, ‘stream’.

Majuli is in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest river island in the world. It can be accessed via ferry from Jorhat.

It has an area of 352 sq km, less than half of the area it had a century ago; that is one of the problems of sitting right in the middle of the huge Brahmaputra river.

Majuli has its own rivulets and islands, and every year the great Brahmaputra submerges large land tracts.

Majuli is famous for its tribal population, wetlands, grasses, punt boats, and thatched bamboo stilt-houses.

The island is also peppered with Vaishnavite satras or monasteries which are centres for arts and crafts, dance and drama, all dedicated to the Lord Vishnu.

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Majuli Island            Kalai Sukanta