Guj: મહેસાણા mahēsāṇā

‘Mehsaji’s City’ – City/District, Gujarat

From Mehsaji or Hin/Skt: mahish/mahiṣa, ‘buffalo’; and Skt: ayanaana, ‘place’, ‘abode’.

Mehsana was established by Mehsaji of the Chavda dynasty. He constructed the Torana (arc gate) of the city and a temple in 1358 CE.

Another suggestion is a connection with buffaloes or cattle-breeding: the city is famous for the Mehsana water buffalo, one of the top dairy breeds in India. But it is most likely that the city came before the buffalo. The breed is a mix between the Murrah and Surti breeds: their horns curve less than the Murrah  and turn up more than the Surti.

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