Sin: මහියංගණය mahiyaṅgaṇaya

‘Great Plain’    UP,  Sri Lanka

From Sin: maha, ‘large, great’; and Pali/Sin: angana, ‘open space, clearing, flat land’.

According to the Mahavamsa this was the site of the Buddha’s first ever visit to Sri Lanka when he arrived to settle a dispute between the warring Naga and Yakka tribes.

The temple claims to preserve locks of the Buddha’s hair and celebrates his visit annually at the Perahera in January in which the Veddas participate, hooting and brandishing poles and spears.

The Mahiyangana plain and Bintenne, the Vedda country beyond, can be clearly seen on the steep hairpin bend descent from Hunasgiriya.

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Mahiyangana Temple             Dennis Sylvester Hurd