Mar: महाबळेश्वर mahābaḷēśvara

‘Lord Mahabali’  [Malcolmpeth]   -Hill Station/Town, Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar is a hill station (1,372m) in the Western Ghats. It was founded by Sir John Malcolm in the early 19thC who made it the summer capital of the Governors of Bombay.

It is named after Mahabali [Skt: maha, ‘great’; and Skt: bala, ‘power’, ‘strength’] a legendary god-king who appears in various Hindu and Jain myths. He is associated with various locations in India including Mahabaleshwar where he lived  before he was sent to the underworld by Vamana, the dwarf avatar of Vishnu. There is a temple dedicated to him here.

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The Crowd on Arthurs Seat – Mahabaleshwar         Robert Mitchell