Mar: लोणावळा lōṇāvaḷā

‘Cave Row’  Town/Hill Station,  Maharashtra

From Mar: lēṇē, ‘(man-made, decorated) cave’, ‘rock-cut temple’; and Mar: āvali, ‘row’, ‘range’.

This refers to the sequence of ancient caves nearby (mostly Buddhist) with carvings, stupas, temples and shrines including the Karla, Bhaja, Khondane and Bedsa Caves.

A village close to the Ajanta Caves is a name twin.

Lonavla and the nearby Khandala hill station stand 622m above the Deccan Plateau in an area of  area of nearly 40 sq. km.

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Chaitya Hall, Bhaja Caves (Lonavala), photograph by Anandajoti Bhikkhu          Photo Dharma