Tam: கிருஷ்ணகிரி kiruṣṇakiri

‘Krishna Hill’   Tamil Nadu

From Krishnadevarayar and Skt: giri, ‘mountain’, ‘hill’, ‘rock’

Krishnagiri Fort was built by Krishnadevarayar, a 16thC Vijayanagara Emperor.

He reigned from 1509 to 1529 when the Empire was at its peak (the largest in India at that time). This has given him iconic status as a Hindu ruler, a victor in many battles against the Empire’s enemies and South India’s greatest ever king.

Krishnagiri Fort sits on top of a bald rocky mound, making access and attack extremely difficult: the British tried and failed twice (1767 and 1791).

The town is called the ‘Mango Capital of India’: it produces 300,000 tonnes annually for local processing and export.


The ruins of Krishnagiri Fort and Temple             Sakthibalan


Krishnadevaraya statue at Srikakulam (Krishna District, Tamil Nadu)         Srikar Kashyap