Mal:  കോഴിക്കോട്  kōḻikkōṭu

‘Palace Fort’  [Qalicut, Calicut] City/District,  Kerala

From Mal: kōyil, kōvil, ‘palace’; or  kōḻi/kōzhi, ‘fowl’, ‘cock’; and kṭ(ṭ)a, ‘fort’.

The idea that this was originally a ‘fortified palace’ wins on points but ‘Cock Fort’ is tempting, linguistically.

Calicut is an anglicization and ‘calico’, the handwoven printed cotton cloth, was named after this corrupted form of the name.

Kozhikode has also earned itself two  nicknames: ‘City of Spices’ (it used to be trading hub for spices); and the modern ‘City of Sculptures’ (after the architectural figures that decorate the city).

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