Mal: കൊയിലാണ്ടി kōyilāṇṭi

‘Temple Passage’ [Pandalayani Kollam, Fandaraina, Quilandi]  Town, Kerala

From Mal: kōyil, kōvil, ‘temple’, ‘palace’; and kaṇti, ‘gap’, ‘breach’, ‘passage’, ‘lane’.

Koyilandy is close to the medieval port of Pandalayani Kollam. This may have been the ancient port known as Tyndis which was a feeder port for Muziris and was once part of the Pandya Thondi kingdom.

The port was active in Indian Ocean trade from about the 9thC and  was mentioned  by Ibn Battuta, the medieval Muslim traveller from Tangiers, in his Travels:

The city of Fandaraina, a beautiful and large place, abounding with gardens and markets. In this the Mohammedans have three districts, in each of which is a mosque, with a judge and preacher.

 Vasco da Gama is believed to have landed here in 1498.

The modern Koyilandy is a fishing town with one of the largest fishing harbours in Asia and is home to 19,000 fisherman.

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Koyilandy fishing harbour

Koyilandy fishing harbour         Vengolis