Hin: कोटा kota

‘Fort’  [Kotah]  City/District, Rajasthan

From Kotya, a Bhil tribal chief or Skt: koṭa, ‘fort’, ‘stronghold’

The tall ramparts, six gateways and twenty-five towers of Kota Fort loom over the Chambal river. It is said that Jait Singh laid the foundations where Kotya, a Bhil chief, was killed in the battle that won the territory for the new kingdom of Bundi, of which Lota became a part. Kota is Rajasthan’s third largest city.  It became a separate princely state in the 17thC.

The modern city is famous for Kota stone, a fine-grained limestone; Kota Doria saris, handwoven with a fine chequered pattern; its five power stations; and the ‘Seven Wonders’ Sculpture Park with models of the world’s famous buildings.  

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Model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Kota    Ashish Kumar Diwakar