Mar: कोल्हापूर kōlhāpūra

‘Fox City’  -City/District,  Maharashtra

From Mar: kōlhā, ‘fox’, ‘jackal’ [Lat: Canis aureus]; and Skt: pur, ‘city’, ‘settlement’.

According to myth this was the home of Kolhasur, a fox-like demon defeated by the Goddess Mahalakshmi to save locals from his depredations.

Jackals and foxes are plentiful in the plains and open country around the city. They have been hunted by royals and nobles for centuries.

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Fox on the Rocks, Pune (Mah). Though human presence is increasing in these areas mammals like foxes, wolves, chinkaras and hyenas are still managing to live in close proximity to human settlements.     Milindsraut