Sin: කොග්ගල koggala – Tam: கொக்கலை kokkalai

‘Crane Rock’  SP,  Sri Lanka

From Sin: koka, ‘crane’; and gala, ‘rock’.

Martin Wickramasinghe (1890-1976), the ‘sage of Koggala’, describes it like this:

Kok-gala is the name of the big rock beyond the fields on the far side of the village. The cranes from everywhere around come to this rock to roost... As nightfall approaches, cranes begin to arrive from all directions, swooping down and perching on the rock. The rock is covered with birds poking about looking for their roosts, stumbling against each other, and it begins to hum like a hornet’s nest.”

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Near Koggala Beach

Near Koggala Beach        Astronomyinertia