Mal: കൊടുങ്ങല്ലൂര്‍ koṭuṅṅallūr

‘Corner Town’  [Cranganore, Muziris]  Town, Kerala.

 From Mal: kōḍu/i, ‘ end’, ‘corner’, ‘promontory’; nalla, ‘ good’, ‘fine’, ‘excellent’; and uru/uuru, ‘town’, ‘city’.

Muziris was an important port with origins dating back to the 1stC.

It was an important trading link between ancient Rome, Greece, Persia, the Gulf and North Africa. Spices, gems, pearls, silk, and ivory were traded for gold, tin, lead, textiles and wine from its harbour.

Its exact location is unknown (it was destroued by floods in the 14thC) but Kodungallur is likely (or Pattanam, 11km away -just round the corner).

Kodungallur is on the banks of river Periyar, strategically located inland from the sea and on the ‘corner’ of three waterways. It is a gateway to Kerala’s extensive backwaters.

Fort Cranganore (Kottappuram Muziris Fort or Tipu’s Fort), was built by the Portuguese and acquired by the Dutch in 1663.

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Cranganore/Kodungallur Fort

Cranganore/Kodungallur Fort in the Dutch period (1708)          Wouter Schouten