Tam: கொடைக்கானல் koṭaikkāṉal

 ‘Forest of Creepers’ Hill Station,  Tamil Nadu

From Tam: koṭi , ‘creeper’, ‘vine’; and kāṉal a forest on a hill-slope. 

Kodaikanal was founded by American missionaries in the 19thC as an escape from the hot, dusty Tamil climate.

It was traditionally the home of the Palaiyar tribe but is now home to forestry companies, protected shola forests, rare grizzled squirrels (and other endangered wildlife), environmental groups and a famous international school.

Kodaikanal is often called the ‘Land of the White Clouds’ or the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’.

It sits atop the Palani Hills with spectacular views of the plains more than 2,000m below.

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