Tam: கிளிநொச்சி kiḷinocci – Sin: ගිරානික girānika

‘Parrot Fort (Walls)’   NP,  Sri Lanka

From Tam/Sin: kili/giravā, ‘parrot’; and Tam: nochchi, ‘fortress’, ‘fort walls’, ‘small village’ and/or Tam/Sin: nochchi/nika ‘a medicinal shrub/tree’ [Vitex negundu]

The nochchi shrub commonly grows as a thick hedge around fort walls and moats. So the two words are related.

The hindrances that we face, my friend, are like those faced.

In the rock-filled, mature, protective forests of Uranthai city

Surrounded by walls (nochchi vēli) belonging to king Thithan with swift, fine horses

That leap and run straight, wearing pebble-filled anklets on their feet

[Akanānūru 122 – What the heroine said to her friend, as the hero listened nearby]

Kilinochchi was the HQ of the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) 1990-1996, and 1998-2009.

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Kilinochchi Railway Station

Kilinochchi Railway Station          Rehman Abubakr