Caves, Odisha

Khandagiri:  ‘Broken Hill’. From Odi:  khaṇḍa; and giri, ‘mountain’, ‘hill’.

Lalithagiri: ‘Beautiful Hill’. From  Odi: lalita, ‘graceful’, ‘beautiful’; and giri, ‘mountain’, ‘hill’.

Udayagiri: From  Odi: udaya, ‘sunrise’, ‘dawn’; and giri, ‘mountain’, ‘hill’.

Ratnagiri: From  Odi: ratna, ‘jewel’, ‘gem’; and giri, ‘mountain’, ‘hill’.

These are all caves, stupas and viharas of archaeological importance and religious significance (Jain, Buddhist, Hindu), situated  on hills near Bhubaneshwar.

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Khandagiri Caves (Bhunaneshwar).

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