Tam: காத்தான்குடி kāttāṉkuṭi – Sin: කාත්තාන්කුඩි kāttānkuḍi

‘Moorish or Vedda settlement’  EP,  Sri Lanka

From Tam: kudy, ‘clan or community settlement’.

Kudy normally indicates a group of settlers of the same caste, tribe or religion.

Kattankudy has traditionally been one of the largest Muslim-majority towns in Sri Lanka and the suggestion is that kattan is, in fact, qahtan, a lineage of Muslims from the Southern Arabian Peninsula, especially Yemen.

The alternative refers to a Vedda founder called Kattan.

In 1990 Kattankudy was the site of a massacre of 147 Muslim men and boys in a Mosque by 30 armed attackers. The government blamed the LTTE who denied any involvement.

Following the 2004 tsunami  over 200 lost their lives and 2,500 homes were destroyed.

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