Sin: කතරගම kataragama – Tam: கதிர்காமம் katirkāmam

‘Desert Village’   UP,  Sri Lanka

From Sin:  katara, ‘desert’; and gama, ‘village’.

Kataragama is an important pilgrimage town, sacred to Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims alike.

The Kataragama temple has a shrine dedicated to Murugan or Skanda who is here worshipped as Kataragama Deviyo. The temple has its own ancient mystical traditions and a pada yatra foot pligrimage arrives here every year from Jaffna in time for the Kataragama Perahera Festival in July.

The Mahavamsa, a 6thC Pali chronicle, calls it Kajaragama. Some suggest that this is a corrupted or shortened form of  Karthikeya Grama, village of Kartikeya (also known as  Katirkamam or Kataragama Deivyo), the local deity identified with Skanda-Kumara or Murugan.

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Karatagama Temple Entrance             Sasha India