Mal: കാസർഗോഡ് kāsargōḍ

‘Backwater Lake’  [Kanhirakode] Town/District,  Kerala

From Mal: kāñjiram, ‘strychnine tree’, ‘snake wood tree’, ‘poison nut’ [Strychnos nux vomica]; and kāṭu, ‘wilderness’, ‘wood’

This derivation assumes that Kasaragoda is a simple corruption of the original name and matches Kanjirangad and Kanhangad.

An alternative which matches the modern name is Mal: kāsāram, ‘lake’, ‘pond’; and kōṭu/gōḍu, ‘end’.

Kasaragod is situated at the end of the Chandragiri Puzha [Mal: puḻa/puzha, ‘river’], more of a lake here than a river, and certainly more than a pond.

Kasaragod has an enviable stretch of coastline with beaches and coastal forts.

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