Mal: കരുനാഗപ്പള്ളി karunāgappaḷḷi.

‘Cobra Village’  Town, Kerala. From Mal: karu, ‘black’;  nāgam/nāġam,  ‘snake’, ‘cobra’; and paḷḷi, ‘village’, ‘hamlet’.

Karunagappalli/Karunagappally, a riverside town, is famous for its backwaters, houseboats, its boat club and its annual Vallam Kali snake boat races [Mal: vaḷḷam, ‘canoe’, ‘boat made of one trunk’; kaḷi, ‘play’, ‘game’] in August-September. Karunagappalli is also one of the most naturally radioactive town in the world [article:].

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Karunagappalli backwaters

Kannetty Kyal (Karunagappalli)               Mahesh Mahajan