Tel: కరీంనగర్ karīnnagar 

‘City of Karimuddin’ [Elagandula, Sabbinadu] City/District, Telangana

The city was founded in 1905 by Syed Karimuddin at a time when the Elgandal fort, 10km away, was still the seat of government. Syed Karimuddinwas the Quildar or Fort Governor under the Nizam of Hyderabad.

Karimuddin’s durgah (tomb) still exists in old city (patha bazaar) of Karimnagar.

The District was restructured in 1905 and the headquarters was moved from Elgandal to Karimnagar.

Karimnagar is nicknamed the ‘City of Granite’: there are several granite quarries near the city.

The nearby Manair River Dam has a capacity of 690 million cubic metres which can irrigate 162,000 hectares of land (a quarter of a million football pitches).

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