Hin: करौली karaulī

‘Kali’s City’  [Karoli,  Kerowlee].City, District, Rajasthan

 From Kali/Kalyan and Skt: puri→-auli, ‘town’, ‘city’.

The surprising corruption of the name [Kalyanpuri →Karauli] is, in fact, quite regular: ‘l’ and ‘r’ are interchangeable , and the ‘p’ elision in ‘puri’ attested in numerous examples elsewhere. Karauli was founded in 1348 by Raja Arjun Pal, a Yaduvanshi Rajput, and named Kalyanpuri after Kali Devi, patron goddess of the Yaduwanshi rulers. 


Kailadevi Temple, Karauli    Divyendu sharma