Mal: കാഞ്ഞങ്ങാട്  kāññaṅṅāṭ

‘Strychnine Forest’  Town,  Kerala.

From Mal:  kāñjiram, ‘strychnine tree’, ‘snake wood tree’, ‘poison nut’ [Strychnos nux vomica]; and Tam/Mal: aṅkāṭi/aṅgaḍi/aṅṅāṭi, ‘bazaar/market’, ‘town/village’; or Mal:   kāṭu, ‘wilderness’, ‘wood’. 

This derivation suggests an original Kanjiramkadu and the name may share a similar origin to its smaller name twin, Kanjirangad.

Kanhangad is a commercial centre for a region that grows a wide range of tropical agricultural produce (rubber, pepper, cashew, ginger, coconut, rice and tobacco) as well as fishing.

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