Tel: కాకినాడ kākināḍa

[Kakinandiwada, Jagannathpuram, Jaggernaikpuram, Cocanada]  City/District, Andhra Pradesh (AP)

From Dra: wada/vada, ‘district’, ‘quarter’.

It is likely that Kaka or Nandi (or both) refer to ancient kings (or dynasties): Kaka suggests an Ikshvaku king. But kakul, ‘crow’ has also been suggested.

As a Dutch trading post it was known as Coca-nada (probably a corruption of Kakinandiwada).

Two of the names above suggest a connexion to Sri Jagannath, ‘Lord of the universe’a form of Lord Vishnu (see Puri, Odisha). But it is not beyond the realms of linguistic possibility that all these names are related.

Kakinada has been known as a pensioner’s paradise, given its relaxed ambience, pleasant climate and coastal location. It is also famous for the Kaja sweet dessert.

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Kakinada Railway Station. The etymology of the Indian place name Kakinada, a city in Andhra Pradesh, is given here.

Kakinada Railway Station          Dineshbilla.kumar