‘Forest Fort’  [Jhargada] Town/District, Odisha

From Odi: jhār(da), ‘thicket’, ‘dense forest’; and gaṟdẖa/gada,  ‘fort’.

Jharsuguda was historically a part of the domain of Sambalpur but earlier history may be related to regions now in Jharkhand.

Jharsuguda is now something of an industrial centre with core industries based around minerals (coal, fire clay, quartz/quartzite, sand, gravel, cement) and metals (iron, steel, aluminium). It is an industrial hub, consisting mainly of metallurgical industries. And, with a large number of thermal power plants close by it has been nicknamed the ‘Powerhouse of Odisha’.

This is a tribal area and local communities include the Sabara, Kisan, Kurukh, Bhuiyan, Munda, and Santal tribes

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