जहानाबाद jahānābād

 ‘Jahanara’s City’ [Jahanarabad] City/District, Bihar (Bih)

Jehanabad is named after Jahanara Begum Sahib. She was daughter of fifth Mughal emperor Shah Jahan [Per: shāh, ‘king’, ‘emperor’; and jahān, ‘world’]; and Mumtaz Mahal [Per: mumtāz, ‘chosen (one)’, ‘eminent (one)’; mah(a)l, ‘palace’].

Shah Jahan was famous for building the Taj Mahal for his wife after she died in 1631. His daughter took on her mother’s role and became the most powerful woman in the Empire. When her father was imprisoned in Agra Fort following a battle for succession, she remained loyal to her father and was imprisoned too.

Following his death the new Emperor, Aurangzeb, reinstated her. Jehanabad was in one of the regions for which the princess had been given political responsibility and the town was named after her: Jehanabad is a simple corruption of Jahanarabad.

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The etymology of the place name, Jehanabad, is given here. It is named after Jahanara Begum Sahib.

Jahanara Begum Sahib