Tel: జగ్తిఅల్ jagtial

‘Jack and Tal Fort’ City/District, Telangana

Jagtial Fort was designed and built in the 17thC using the expertise of two French engineers, Jack and Tal. In those days the French were world leaders in military architecture and the fort has many European features.

It was built at the request of Nawab Ibrahim Khan, a Moghul Governor and had a a moat, a drawbridge and the star-shaped structure typical of French castles at the time.

The story is plausible although it is not clear who Jacques/Jack and Tal/Taille were.

Jagtial is also known as the ‘Mango City’. More than 20,000 acres of land in this district is under mango cultivation (about 30,000 football pitches) with an average annual production of 150,000 tonnes.

Jagtial even has its own brand of mango [Article: Mangoes grown in Jagityal district, to be branded ‘Jagityal mango – Telangana’].

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