(Hin) : ईटानगर iṭānagara

‘Brick City’  -City/Capital, Arunachal Pradesh

From Asm: ita,brick’; and Asm:  nagar,city’, ‘town’. 

It is actually the fort here, and not the city, that was built of bricks – the city inherited the name and was more famous for its wooden longhouses.

The Fort was built in the 14th-15thC during the Chutiya dynasty.

Itanagar is a classic hill-station, sitting against a backdrop of pine-covered mountains. It was originally a settlement of the Nishi tribe but is now capital of the whole state. With a population of only 60, 000 it is less than a city but more than a village.

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Itanagar Town Sudipto Roy

Ita Fort, Itanagaror          AshLin