Mal: ഇടുക്കി iṭukki

‘Gorge’  District, Kerala

From Mal: iṭukku/iḍukkụ, ‘narrow passage’, ‘gorge’

Idukki  is a mountainous and densely forested region set in the Cardamom Hills.

It spreads over an area of 4,358 km2 , making it the  second largest district in Kerala.

It has the two highest mountains in India outside the Himalayas: Anamudi (2,695m) and  Meesapulimala (2,647m).

The 168m Idukki Arch Dam(168m) is Asia’s first and tallest arch dam.

It was built across a passage between two granite mountains:  Kuravanmala (839m) and Kurathimala (925m).

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Idukki Arch Dam

Idukki Arch Dam            KSEB