Ben: হুগলি hugali

‘Elephant Grass’  City/River/District, West Bengal 

From Ben: hogla, ‘elephant grass’ [Lesser Indian Reed Mace, Southern Cattail Typha Elephantine/Typha domingensis].

The district of Hooghly derived its name from the town of Hooghly on the west bank of the Hooghly River.This reed grows on riverbanks and marshland along the river.

The river is a 260km long branch of the Ganges which is known as the Bhagirathi in its upper section until it reaches Hooghly.

The town has been a major river port since the 15thC. In 1865 Hooghly or Hugli was merged with Chinsura or Chuchura and has been called Hugli-Chuchura or a combination of those elements ever since.

Hogla grass is commonly used for basket weaving.

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