Sin: ගම්පොල gampola – Tam: கம்பளை gampaḷai

’Riverside Site’  CP, Sri Lanka

From Sin: gan/ganga, ‘river, riverside’; and pola/pala, ‘place, site’.

Gampola’s original name, Gangasiripura, also indicates its prime riverside position on the Mahaweli Ganga.

Gampola was capital of the Gampola Kingdom for eighteen years (1341–1359) during the reigns of Bhuvanaikabahu IV and Parakramabahu V.

The town is situated over 1,000m up in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country.

Ambuluwawa mountain is a Biodiversity Complex and multi-religious sanctuary sitting on Ambuluwawa mountain above Gampola.

Its key attraction is a swirly stupa-like tower on its peak.

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Ambuluwawa Tower, Gampola

Ambuluwawa Tower, Gampola        Kaushiru90