Kan: ಗದಗ-ಬೆಟಿಗೇರಿ gadaga-beṭigēri

‘Rocky Road-Hill Tank’  [Kaldugu] -City/District, Karnataka

From  Kan: kal, ‘stone’, ‘boulder, ‘pebble’; Skt: durga, (difficult, uneven) road; ‘(inaccessible) place’; Kan: beṭṭa, ‘hill’; and kere/gere, ‘tank’, ‘reservoir’.

The Kalyani Chalukyas built fifty or more temples here in the 11-13thC featuring ornate pillars and beautifully carved sculptures. The Sri Trikuteshwara Temple has three Shiva lingas on a single stone.

This is a twin city, hence the double-barrelled name.

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Sri Trikuteshwara Temple, Gadag-Betageri

Sri Trikuteshwara Temple, Gadag-Betageri    Ms Sarah Welch