Tam: ஈரோடு īrōṭu

‘Two Streams’   City/District,  Tamil Nadu

From Tam: ir(u)/īr, ‘two’; and Tam: ōṭai, ‘stream’, ’water-course’, ‘dyke’, ’moat’.

The 90km Kaingarayan canal connects the Bhavani and Noyyal rivers, tributaries of the Kaveri river. It was originally built in the 13thC as an irrigation canal and today it irrigates more than 6,000 hectares of farming land. 

Erode is nicknamed ‘Turmeric City’ or ‘Yellow City’. Its turmeric, with 90 per cent curcumin content, is much sought after and Erode turmeric gas coveted GI (Geographical Indicator) status. Erode produces 600,000 tonnes of it, 60 % for export. 

Erode Junction Railway Station             Rsrikanth05