Tam: ஏறாவூர் ēṟāvūr – Sin: එරාවූර් erāvūr

‘Keel Town’  EP, Sri Lanka  

From Tam: era, ‘keel (of a boat)’; and ur, ‘village, town’.

Located on the bank of the Batticaloa Lagoon one could imagine rows of boats moored here along the lagoon.

Eravur is a  majority Muslim town which was tragically the site of a massacre, allegedly by Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), in which at least 116 people were killed.


Markazul Islami Jum'a Masjid, Eravur

Markazul Islami Jum’a Masjid, Eravur    Umairahmadh