Sin: ඇල්පිටිය ælpiṭiya

‘Waterfall Plain’  SP   Sri Lanka

From Sin: ella, ‘waterfall, rapids’; and pitiya, ‘ground, land, field, plain’.

The 12m Andahelena Ella or Elpitiya waterfall is 6 km away from the village, as the crow flies.

Elpitiya is famous for its low grown tea, from smaller plantations and lower altitudes than in the more mountainous central ‘Hill Country’, and its gunpowder teas in which the dried leaves are rolled into shapes resembling gunpowder pellets. There are a dozen tea factories as well as a rubber factory and cinnamon plantations.

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Dunsinane Estate Tea Factory - Elpitiya Plantations

Dunsinane Estate Tea Factory – Elpitiya Plantations              Adheesha88