Hin: डूंगरपुर duṅgārapur

‘Dungar’s City’ – City/District, Rajasthan

From Dungar(ia) and Skt: pura, ‘fort’, ‘city’.

The chiefs of Dungarpur are descended from Mahup of Mewar state (centred around Udaipur) in the 12thC. After being disinherited by his father, Mahup displaced the indigenous Bhil chiefs (who had previously dominated this hilly region) to found his own kingdom.

Rawal Bir Singh, one of his descendants, founded Dungarpur at the end of the 14thC. To make way for his new city he had to eliminate Dungar(ia), a Bhil chieftain, and his followers. His name achieved immortality but he was not so lucky.

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