Sin: දෙවිනුවර, දෙවුන්දර devinuvara, devundara – Tam: தேவேந்திரமுனை dēvēntiramuṉai

‘City of the God(s)’  SP,  Sri Lanka

From Sin: devi, ‘god’; and Sin/Pal: nuwara/nagara, ‘city’ or  Sin/Tam: tara/tura/turai,

The name Dondra is the anglicized form of the of Devi-nuwara or Devundara.

This is the southernmost  tip of Sri Lanka. It is 432km from Point Pedro, Sri Lanka’s Land’s End in the North.

Dondra is a Hindu-Buddhist temple town and port with a lighthouse.

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Dondra Head Lighthouse

Dondra Head Lighthouse              Amila Tennakoon