Tam: திண்டுக்கல் tiṇṭukkal

‘Pillow Rock’  [Tintukkal] City/District, Tamil Nadu

From: Tam: tiṇṭu ‘pillow’, ‘semicircular cushion’; and kal, ‘rock’.

Dindigul Fort (270m high and 2.75km round) was built on a wedge-shaped rock in 1605. 

It was under Nayak rule for more than a century until Chanda Sahib, a Nawab under the Mughals, seized control. It swapped hands a few times. 

Tipu Sultan proclaimed himself King of Dindigul in 1788, but lost it to the British four years later.

In the past Dindigul was a tobacco manufacturing centre (it made Winston Churchill’s favourite cigars) but in recent times it has specialised in locks, safes and textiles.

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Dindigul Fort (1913)           A.D.G. Shelley