Sin: දිඹුලාගල dimbulāgala

‘Wood-apple Rock’  [Gunner’s Quoin, Gunner;s Rock] Rock/Observation Point, NCP  Sri Lanka

From Sin: diwul/dimbul, ‘wood apple’ [Pali: udumbara]; and gala, ‘stone, rock, rocky place’.

The name for this rock formation in British colonial times was ‘Gunner’s Quoin’. ‘Quoin’ refers to a wedge used with  firearms to hold them up or keep them steady- a shape that describes the block of rock here perfectly.

Both Pali texts and the modern Sinhala name suggest that the wood-apple tree  [Limonia acidissima, also ‘elephant-apple’] grew here. 

There has been a Buddhistc monastery here since the 12thC (now restored) and it has also been occupied by Veddas from the earliest times.


Dimbulagala hills across the lake        Bdamita