Guj: ધ્રાંગ dhrāṅga

‘(Frontier) Town’  -Village, Gujarat

From Skt: draṅga, ‘town’.

Sant Mekan Dada, the Sufi saint, spent most of his life in the Rann of Kachchh in Gujarat (India) searching for travellers lost in the desert and looking after survivors by giving them food, water and shelter. He was always accompanied by his two partners, Laliyo the Donkey and Motiyo the Dog. There is a temple dedicated to him and a festival every year celebrates the place where he spent his last years.

Like Dhrangadhra (Guj) some suggest ‘solid/stony’ ground or a ‘frontier’ post. But the evidence is lacking.

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Sant Mekan Dada     Kaushik Patel