Tam: தர்மபுரி darmapuri

‘City of Dharma’  [Tagadur]    City/District, Tamil Nadu

From Skt: dharma, ‘religion’, ‘virtue’, ‘duty’; and pura, ‘town’, ‘(fortified) city’.

In the earliest times the name was Tagadur [Tam: takaṭu/takaram, ‘metal plate’,tin’; and ūr, ‘village’, ‘town’]. It was the seat of power in the Sangam era for the King Atiyamāṉ/Adhiyamān and his dynasty.

The name was changed to Dharmapuri in the Vijayanagara era, but Tagadur is still used by some of the locals of Dharmapuri.

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King Adhiyaman offers a rare gooseberry fruit to the woman poet Avvaiyar            Thagadooran